Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brief Hiatus...

Well seems as though I didn't have enough to do already, what with being a servant to the boys and all... this summer I started my own little business... I am making kids hats, adult hats, women's cowls and whatever else comes across the table!!! So summer has been busy making hats! If you want to check them out look up WinterKnots I can make whatever!!!

But onto why I really have this blog, my hooligans! They are crazy! For those that don't know Trace is now on two wheels and the twins are crazy fast on their strider bikes. And little daredevils too! Canaan was heading down the hill at the local school when the front tire started the wobble... Kyle jumped up and sprinted towards him. But we didn't make it in time. From our angle it looked like he should have been missing teeth, or have no nose... all I have to say is HELMET THANK YOU!!! If Canaan had not had on his helmet properly he would have been missing teeth, or hurt his noggin... As it turns out he was lucky, a few small bruises on his chin and a mutilated helmet! Oh and the crazy kid was off down the hill again about 2 minutes later.

Boys!!! I tell you... sometimes I wonder. They have really kept me busy this summer. Camping for a week in Shuswap would never have been possible without my amazing sister in law!!! Kaite was saint! As was her hubby my bro Dallas and my parents! It actually felt like a vacation!! Our friends joined us for the long weekend and we had so much fun! What an amazing busy, memorable summer... I am not ready for it to end... and for Trace to start 4 year pre-school....... sigh.....

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Trace... special little man. Seems he is also a bit sneaky! Two weeks ago he came home with a mini pterodactyl in his pocket after pre-school. When asked he told me he borrowed it. We brought it back the next class.

Today as we pulled into a friends house I noticed he had a mini my Little Pony. Awesome. Again when asked he informed me that he borrowed it from pre-school. I informed him that it is only borrowing if you ask the teachers permission to take it home. That what he had infact done is called stealing.

While at this friends house today I notice him eye up the change on her counter. Really!!! That is all I could think. But the minute I started to talk to him about how it wasn't his and how he needed to leave it there as it belonged to his friends he kinda glazed over, man style. After we left, unloaded at home and got the twins down for their nap I noticed that Trace was emptying his pockets into the piggy bank he got for his birthday a few years ago. I asked him where he got the money and if it was Jen's... yup it was. Awesome.... all I could think was that little thief.. .seems as though I will have my hands full with this one!

Friday, June 8, 2012

An Angry Day.... Granny to the Rescue!

Last Tuesday... woke up... ANGRY. Ever have one of those days, wrong side of bed, kids don't stop crying and whining, you just want to curl up and ignore everything... yet being a stay at home mom I sure can't! Tuesdays are our busy day, Trace has pre-school and the twins have a class at the same time. LOVE our social rec class! The twins love it but getting ready is hard sometimes.

So I woke up, forced myself out for my run, and ran a 30 min 5km! My best yet! Thought ok... now this day will get better. NOPE! Got kids ready, packed into car with minimal problems, dropped Trace off at pre-school without a fight. Then off to Teacher Tina's class. Canaan was dragging his feet a bit while Jaxon RAN up to the front door... thank goodness for no cars on the road in. We get in the elevator and they do the usual happy SCREAM as they watch it go down. Then we get to Tina's class... they both drop to the floor and refuse to come in. AWESOME. My temper is already pretty bad today, I am feeling my red eyes come out. You know the ones in all the old school cartoons when the evil character is really angry.. yup those ones! I grab Jaxon and half carry him in, while Canaan is holding onto my ankle so I half drag half push him on the lino into the classroom.... where the blessed Tina and another mom are there... They take one look at me, laugh a bit and help. RELIEF! The moms in this class are amazing to say the least and Tina a saint!

So home time. All kids are loaded... after they decided to run through parking lot with second set of twins in class (the four of them together are TROUBLE!). We get home and I walk in the door.. mom isn't home. crap. Poor mom when she does come home I let her know I am having and "angry" day. My amazing mom stays upstairs the rest of the day and completely helps me out. She wrangles children, changes diapers and just keeps me company which is the best part of all...

I don't know how I would have gotten through a grumpy "angry" day had the ladies of the rec class, the teacher and then my amazing mom not helped me out! THANK YOU!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's In a Face... Right???

Been a while, I have started a new venture making hats for kids, and some other stuff and it has somewhat taken up my time. Planning and figuring a few things out before I start taking orders! 

This weekend was a bit of a doozy for us. Saturday we had a birthday party at a local pool, TONS of fun! Canaan is getting quite independent with his life jacket on! Maybe a little too independent at times! We BBQ'ed with some good friends that evening and kids had a bit of a late night. Lots of fun and an amazing day! 

Sunday was brunch at other good friends house, lots of kids, crazyness all around and a few drinks for the parents. Loved it. 

As we know a weekend that is that busy cannot happen without some sort of accident on our part. And sure enough, while Trace perfected the art of SLAMMING our friends wooden playhouse door, he happened to slam it on Canaan. Who proceeded to cry and run towards us. Sure enough, big lump on the bridge of his nose, and he somehow was bleeding from his eyelid? No idea. Just happy that he didn't loose an eye. Poor kids looks like a train wreck. 

Now not to be outdone, Jaxon and Trace were playing yesterday, Trace decided that the white cloth Ikea bin was in his way and that chucking it at his brother was the best option. So he proceeded to do just that. Nailing Jaxon in the face and giving him a swollen nose, and bloody scrapes all down the middle of his face. AWESOME. 

This weekend is Trace's 4th birthday, I am just guessing that maybe he wanted to make sure he was the fairest of them all??? 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let Me Take Your Picture...

We did some family pics this last weekend. LOTS of fun! The kids were running around like there is no tomorrow, sat still a few times. Didn't get NEAR as muddy as I thought they would, FUN... LOVED IT! I can't wait for the pics to be done and be able to look through them. A friend of mine took them as she is looking at starting her own business and I have to say she was amazing! The three boys NEVER seemed to stress her out! Regina I APPLAUD you!!!!

Well.. Trace has a camera ( a V-tech one) that he can take pics on). So as I am sitting here and checking facebook and prepping for my meeting tomorrow all I hear from Trace is...
"Ok Now sit togeder on the couch, and put your arms around each other and act like you love each other" "Ok now stay there.. don't move.. say Cheese!!!"
Then from the twins in unison "CHEEEESE... CLICK!"

For all of you that read this, or know me ... I have a friend. She and I are in the same... um situation?!? So to speak... she is also a mom of a little boy (who is only a few weeks older than Trace) and a set of boy twins (5 days older than my twins...) I am trying to get her to guest write on here for me. Lets just say she has some table crackin good stories... and is also an amazing momma!!! She keeps me sane that is for sure! I am blessed to have many good friends who listen, help and just are there for me! And of course my mom... no words to describe her, couldn't have done this last year without her!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chicken Mouse

Last night was leftovers night in our house, or empty the fridge night. The boys chose to have chicken nuggets which they love. As I am pulling all leftovers onto the counter Kyle asks me what is for which Canaan starts his reply "chicken mouse" .... I didn't really hear him the first time. Kyle is still asking me what is for dinner and now Canaan is screaming "CHICKEN MOUSE DADDY".

Kyle and I just look at him... What? Did he really just say that? Kyle then asks me what the boys are having... well.. it just so happens that the nuggets that we have for the boys are in the shape of mickey MOUSE ears... hence the chicken mouse.

Well I thought it as the cutest thing, so we had to phone Granny who is in Edmonton and have her ask him what is for dinner... of course being Canaan he performed and said "chicken Mouse Granny". Too cute!

Today as we were driving home from a birthday party I asked the boys what they wanted for lunch, I got on noooonles, one peanut butter jemmy, and one Chicken Mouse... hmmmm I translated as grilled cheese for all! I have to say I am loving that the boys are chatting more and that we are understanding them! And I LOVE the things that are coming out of their mouths!

Monday, April 30, 2012

First Pre-school Playdate = SUCCESS... I think...

We got invited for our first pre-school play date last week... and at a GIRLS house! Imagine my excitement at being invited (with all 3 boys mind you!) and then imagine my face changing as it all sinks in... Holy smokes... is she for real? BRAVE woman inviting us over! We are lucky that this amazing momma lives right up the street, has a little girl Trace's age and a little boy who turns two this year. (and yes he is almost potty trained... ugh soo jealous!). 

I had made up my mind to walk there as it is literally less than a block away, so even though it is pouring rain this morning we pack up and head out. Twins in the stroller with the rain cover on, Trace in his rain boots trailing behind with his own little umbrella. SUCCESS we make it all the way there!!! 

Trace as usual plays shy so I find him a little space to "hide" until he wants to come out and play which of course is less than 2 minutes later. Twins off with jackets and boots and are playing before I am even in the door. Awesome! And so begins the loudness, screaming, running around with baby strollers, playing with all sorts of wonderful toys. Meanwhile this wonderful momma and I are trying to finish just one conversation. Just one.... haha good luck! 

Snack time comes and goes without much of a hitch... unless you consider my boys cleaning every plate they loved mangos, apple pears and crackers. This of course is followed by more of the above playing as I wonder what time I should go home... 1130 comes and we are heading for the door. Boots on, jackets on pure chaos... AWESOME.. we are all out the door. I am saying goodbye and thank you before I pack twins back into stroller.. then I hear the crash. Jaxon has decided to fall down three stone stairs and take the stroller on top of him. And lucky me he takes one for the team and cushions the fall of the stroller... GREAT.. almost made it home no injuries! He has a wee bit of blood, so we clean him up, he is no longer crying so we pack him up and I start the walk home. 

This is what I hear from the stroller 
Canaan: "Oh no Jaxon owie?" 
Jaxon: "Yea Canaan owie"
Canaan: "Oh no... ok?"
Jaxon:  "Yes ok" 

Cutest thing EVER.. so after all is said and done. I still think first pre-school playdate.. a BRAVE success!!! Now hopefully she invites us back! Or wants to come our way!!